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On the first article, I went through the installation and first steps using the uIEC/SD. Now that we have everything setup, we can try some new commands.

First of all, to illustrate its use, let’s suppose we have a diskette (called SD Card) with the following structure:

UTILS             <DIR>
GAMES             <DIR>

If you have a file with the D64 extension, it is like a disk inside a disk. The D64 file is a disk image of some C64 diskette. To access its contents, like if you were inserting the disk in the 1541 drive, you have to issue the following command:

OPEN 15,8,15,"CD:MYDISK.D64":CLOSE15

Next, you can see the directory content using the command:

LOAD "$",8



The content of the disk will, of course, depend on the disk. When you are inside it, you can use any standard C64 disk command that you are probably used to, like load the default program:

LOAD "*",8

This is pretty much it. I hope it hel

This is pretty much it. I hope you can enjoy your “mini disquete” like I am.





Searching my favorite BBS for alternatives for the drive 1541, I’ve found a very interesting product. It is called µIEC/SD, and it is available at Retro Innovations (

Funny the fact this guy called the store “Retro”, because the device he’s selling is very advanced compared to the other hardware available in our 80’s.

The hardware is a small electronic board with a slot that accept a very tiny floppy disk called SD Card. It is like one square inch, but can hold dozens of diskettes in it. You can read a complete description about the device capabilities following the link above.

The mini-diskette (called SD Card) seems an Alien technology compared to the currently popular 5 1/4″ floppies.