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It is finally here! After a long and dark winter (…and short and sunny summer for that matter) Mission Moon is ready for prime time!


The game is inspired by the classic arcade Lunar Lander, but with some different elements. Your mission is to go to the Moon and deploy a sensor to help to find water underground. Of course, you will have to successfully land on the Moon, but after the sensor is deployed, you will have to take off and connect to the mother ship in order to go home. All that has to be done using the amount of fuel you have available to you, which all depends on the difficulty level you choose.

The game is coded in BASIC, but the awesome background music by pievspie is played using a machine language routine.



Mission:Moon gameplay video

Posted: September 2, 2013 in 80's, Commodore 64, Programming

So I finally did it! Mission:Moon is complete!

Soon enough I will make it available for download, but meanwhile I took my Betamax camera and shot this short video. Enjoy!