Understand why this blog sounds a little off :)

We’re in the 80’s here. You know that, right? There are some out of place stuff going on here, though. We have Internet (kind of BBS with infinite ports and modems), Twitter (you can send very long messages up to almost four lines of text!) and Facebook. This last one was created by a guy called Edward Zuckerberg, and I have to admit, it is going to be big.

This site is going to be my way to share my experiences with my brand new Commodore 64! I’m a programmer already, but my idea is to learn BASIC and understand the internals of this amazing machine. If you’re Atari or Apple II user, you don’t know what you are missing, but I’m open to hear from the enemies, and maybe you can tell me your experiences as well!

I also have a VIC-20, I might write something about it as well, or whatever I feel like.

  1. nice Site. Like your articles. keep it up!

  2. dave bélisle says:

    grat what you have done, ive grown up with a commodore 64 and still have it and learning

  3. Mario says:

    Just recently revived my (original) C64 (still works after 28 years) and re-discovering programming in basic and assembly. I like your site, makes me feel home 🙂

  4. Craig says:

    At 46 I’ve gotten a bit nostalgic. I have all the enemies together. C64, Amiga 500, BBC Micro, Amstrad CPC464, ZX Spectrum, Texas Instruments TI99/4A, Atari ST. That’s the puters. Yamaha DX7 II/FD, SY88 keyboards. Original (wood grain) Atari consol. Apart for the Amstrad, Atari ST & ZX, they are my machines I grew up with. Nice site, keep up the good work.

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